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Testimonials & ReviewsNorth Beach Plastic Surgery

Dr Tilt is awesome! Her customer service is top notch! Her explanation regarding any objections from her patients is phenomenal. My procedure went well with no complications! I will choose Dr Tilt again and again. She is amazing. Thank you Dr Tilt for making my procedure a success. I look fabulous.

Maame N.

Dr. Jablonka is not only a phenomenal Plastic Surgeon, he’s a nice guy! I saw how he interacted with the hospital staff.. I found I had breast cancer on April fools day 2021..( go figure) I met with Dr Jablonka, and knew immediately I would be ok .. Double mastectomy with Dr. Jablonka doing immediate reconstruction in June 2021. I don’t think Dr. J. understands the impact he makes on patients.. how he makes lemonade out of lemons.. or make a woman feel whole again … truly a gem …. Thank you “ EJ”

Patricia Moore

I had to have a double mastectomy with flap reconstruction and implants. Dr. Jablonka did an amazing job. Even with such a complicated surgery there is minimal incisions and my breasts look natural.

Kerri Pierson

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Tilt about 6 mos ago, we instantly connected over conversation. About a month or so later she performed a Tummy Tuck procedure that looks absolutely fabulous. Besides her amazing work she was very informative and had a great level of professionalism.. overall the entire team was. Dr. Tilt answered every email and phone call before and after procedure, was proactive in every follow up app. I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon. I recently just booked a consultation and plan to work with her again. Thanks Dr. Tilt.

Derricka L

Dr. Jablonka is amazing! I had a double mastectomy with diep flap, implants, and nipple reconstruction. He walked me through the process every step of the way and the results are excellent. I’m very happy with my new body. As my friends would say I now look “snatched” lol. I highly recommend him. He does excellent work.

Cathy Thompson

Look no further, Dr. Tilt is the best plastic surgeon in town. I am glad I chose her for my breast lift and tummy tuck. I had been looking to get this cosmetics surgery done for about 18 months. I had 6 consultation with highly rated surgeons in Maryland but I only felt at peace when I eventually meet Dr. Tilt. She is professional and knows her work. Dr. Tilt has never been rushed with me, she takes her time to explain the processes involved at every opportunity. She actually listens to her patient concerns and addresses them respectfully. I was nervous about possible complications of surgery – infection, poor pain control, and poor wound healing, and she graciously worked me through how to mitigate those risk. I did not experience any. My surgery went well, my pain was adequately managed without excessive use of opioids, and my healing was fast. She called to check on me after I had been discharged. Results? Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I am a perfectionist and difficult to impress, but I must say Dr. Tilt impressed me. I have a flat tummy and pointed full breast again at 43 and after 3 children. The symmetry is great. I recommend Dr. Tilt 100%.

Olu T.

Dr. Jablonka is awesome I had a cyst removed off my face and you can’t even tell anything was there. It was my first surgery ever and he and his staff made the whole process so easy for me. I can’t thank him enough for the wonderful job he did for me. And his staff for guiding me through the whole process. If I ever need something like this done again I will definitely be coming back or if I know someone in need I would definitely recommend him.

Steven Egner

Dr Sailon did a wonderful job. I had to have surgery to fix my face after having cancer removed from my face. He made it so my scar will not be noticeable. He explains everything to you and makes sure you are comfortable before having surgery. I would recommend him to anyone who needs plastic surgery.

Carla Laitinen

Dr. Jablonka and his staff are very kind and answered all of my questions and concerns for my surgery and even afterwards. I came to him for a breast reduction in 2021 and it has changed my life! I am so happy with my appearance now and feel better physically. Since I first met him, he went through everything thoroughly with me and made me feel quickly comfortable with deciding him as my surgeon. He did an amazing job! Thank you again Dr. Jablonka!!

Katherine Capuano

I hardly ever write reviews for anything, however; Dr. Alexander Sailon is a special exception. Not only did Dr. Sailon fix/repair what another plastic surgeon botched, he was genuinely concerned about not only my appearance but how I felt about myself. He really and truly cares about his patients and makes you feel at ease. He is absolutely one of the best doctors I have ever gone to – regardless of specialty. He literally changed my life. I am so happy with the results that I am almost in disbelief as my husband and I weren’t sure if the botched surgery could be fixed. I am very happy to have found Dr. Sailon and I unquestionably recommend him. I refer to him as my Angel.

yo soy

This doc and his staff are the best! I had a double mastectomy. Reconstruction with skin/nipple sparing (extremely difficult surgery to perform) with implants. Dr. Jablonka, Audrey Shaw P.A. and the entire staff were fantastic. Never a wait to get in for appointment, someone always answers the phones, forms completed, questions answered. Everyone is wonderful and so caring. Best of all, my results are AMAZING. Love, hugs, and thanks to everyone at the practice. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jablonka!

Diana Dezeeuw

Fantastic! Professional, friendly, and comforting. I am so pleased with the care and expertise I received. Dr. Tilt is amazing!!!!!

Marsha B.

Was referred to Dr. Sailon after my son had a complicated wound as a result of an injury. Surgeons are usually known for their surgical skills and not necessarily their bedside manner but Dr. Sailon has both. He treated my son’s injury and today my son is totally healed with no complications in the process. He is super kind, compassionate, listened to what my son had to say and addressed our concerns. His office staff is competent, organized and responsive ( Traits that are not available in every office). Overall my son and I are super grateful, my son needed two surgeries after his injury and everything went as smooth as possible thanks to Dr Sailon and his staff.

J Asia

I wish I could give Dr. Jablonka a thousand stars! He’s extremely personable and even more an exceptional surgeon. I Love Love Love My Overall Experience! For the last 20+ years I wanted to have Reconstructive Surgery due to scars from my ileostomy surgery. I finally had an Abdominal Scar Revision four weeks ago and my results are AMAZING !! Dr. Jablonka exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend him! Thank-You for all you do !

Kerri Harrison

I cannot put into words how GREAT Dr. Sailon is at everything he does. He is the most considerate, professional, intelligent doctor I have ever met and I have been blessed to be a patient of. I was in a horrible car accident and Dr. Sailon did an AMAZING skin graft. His follow up care was unbelievable, the time he took for me, the care he put in and details everything, just amazing experience. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the best doctor around. Thank you for changing my life for the better, doc.

Isaaq Chouili

I could not be happier with my overall experience with Dr. Jablonka. Dr. Jablonka performed my septorhinoplasty surgery a few months ago and it is difficult to put into words how pleased I am with my results. I had a pretty significant deviated septum that was causing issues with my ability to breath properly and visually my nose was very crooked. From my first visit to my last post op appointment Dr. Jablonka was clear in his communication, expectations and has a great personality. I felt at ease throughout the entire process. I never could have imagined I could breath as well as I do now and visually my nose looks better than I could have ever asked for. Dr. Jablonka exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend him!

Chelsea Leonardis

I can not thank Dr. Sailon enough for everything! He truly is amazing to his patients. He walked me through everything step by step to ensure that I was comfortable and that I had all my questions answered. He responds to emails and phone calls about any concerns or questions that you may have promptly! He has a caring and compassionate nature that many surgeons do not have. I am so happy with everything he has done, and couldn't ask for anything better, thank you!!

Razan K

Dr. Sailon & staff make you feel comfortable, everything is thoroughly explained, & any questions are answered in a way that a normal person can understand. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering plastic surgery. Very happy with the results of my surgeries!

John Sarecky

I work in the medical field with lots of plastic surgeons, but Dr Sailon is exceptional. Dr Sailon is very straightforward, compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable. I’m so bless to have him as my doctor. He is highly recommended.

Umu Jalloh

Where do I begin? When I found out I had to have a double mastectomy (flap) in the middle of a pandemic I was in shock. Dr. Jablonka came highly recommended, so I scheduled a consultation with him and a person from another practice. There was no comparison! After meeting with him, I knew he was a very skilled microsurgeon. He was extremely personable and walked me through everything. It's hard not to have a conversation with him and not see his passion. Dr. Jablonka spent 11 hours of my 13 hr surgery doing what he does best. Creating magic. Post-op I saw him minimally 3-4 times a day in the hospital ,which is rare. Additionally, I was able to see him interact with all of the nurses and hospital staff.

Additional Reading

You can tell based on their rapport how humanistic he is with everyone! In that moment I new he was both a scientist and an artist, and he takes his craft seriously. I just saw him 9 months later for a followup ("Phase 2"), and I was reminded all over again about his care and concern for each patient. I had the pleasure of listening to him walk into 3 other patients rooms prior to me, and I can honestly say he treats every patient like they are a "queen." While the diagnosis was traumatic, his positivity and ability to articulate the process and personalize it for each individual is commendable. I highly recommend him and anyone is lucky to have him as a surgeon.

Kara Ieva

My 8 year old son needed to have a growth removed from his face. Dr. Sailing was highly recommended by the dermatologist. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Sailon and the staff in the Bethesda office. He took time to explain everything he was doing to my son and took it slow to make sure he was comfortable with everything. My son had been very nervous and scared and Dr. Sailon understood that and made him feel totally at ease. If you have a child that required plastic surgery I highly recommend this office. Thank you Dr. Sailon!

Emily Ceresa

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Jablonka! I am a type 1 Diabetic (of over 30 years) and when I found out I needed a double mastectomy, I was referred to him. He was attentive to my concerns and was open about his own. We came up with a plan TOGETHER, and I am so happy with my results! He is an artist!

Jaime Dinkel

My wife had liposuction done elsewhere and they did more harm/damage than good (left her uneven, lumpy/bumpy, burnt/discolored skin). We were worried if anyone would be willing to try and correct the damage that was done...... Dr. Sailon was recommended to my wife - how fortunate she/we were/are. Dr. Sailon not only corrected the damage but fixed additional areas to include a small hernia that my wife has had for years. We highly recommend Dr. Sailon and feel very grateful to have found him.

Mark Hill

In June I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was told i had to have double mastectomy. As anyone could imagine, it was a really stressful and upsetting situation. Then I m Dr. Jablonka the doctor who would be performing my reconstructive surgery following the double mastectomy. After meeting Dr. Jablonka I immediately felt better about the entire procedure. He made me feel so comfortable and assured that everything would be okay. He reconstructed my breasts using the fat from my own body as opposed to using implants. So, not only did he reconstruct my breasts, but my stomach is flatter as well.

Additional Reading

I know multiple people who have complications with reconstructive surgery due to implants, and I'm so thankful with Dr. Jablonka's choice to use my own body fat instead. It looks so natural and I could not be happier with the results. Fast forward to 2021---I had to have a hysterectomy and also a hernia removal. For both of these surgeries, Dr. Jablonka made the incisions and closed the incisions, and scars have healed beautifully. Dr. Jablonka care so much about his patients .For example, I was in the hospital in August 2021 for an unrelated issue, and Dr. Jablonka came to visit me. That's just the type of doctor he is. He really cares about his patients and it shows through his work. I'm so fortunate to have chosen him as my surgeon. Both Dr. Jablonka and his team offered the best care possible and made me feel so comfortable throughout every step of this entire experience. I am so grateful for his expertise attention to detail and perfectionism. He is truly one of a kind and went above and beyond. I would recommend Dr. Jablonka to anyone

Philomena Britton

I had my breast reduction surgery and I am over the moon about my results. Dr. Sailon is so nice and professional. He made both me and my mom very comfortable with the surgery. If I could rate him 10 stars I would.

Chanell McKinney

I began seeing Dr. Jablonka in January 2021. He preformed a breast reduction on me in October 2021. Him and his team are amazing. It was the best experience from beginning to end. They all made sure that everything was in place for me. From battling with the insurance company to the all my post-op appointments. I have no complaints at all. They made me very comfortable. They are so people friendly! And in this day and age that's a GEM! The results of his work are so wonderful. I was a very large woman and he was able to take me down 4 cup sizes. Almost 7 pounds of tissue were removed. I still look proportion to my size. The pain in my neck and back were gone within a week. I feel wonderful. Having the pain gone actually brought me to tears! I couldn't believe that I carried this weight for so long. He has rebuilt my self confidence. I cant thank him enough. My breast are very beautiful. His work is superiorly unmatched. If Dr. Jablonka, and his team, ever get a chance to read this; I thank you, I thank you, I THANK YOU!!! You all are so wonderful!

Letisha Aytch

I cannot recommend Dr. Sailon enough. I have recommended him to many people and he has an amazing bedside manner. He is one of the most professional and well-respected plastic surgeons in the area. His attention to detail is unmatched. You will not be disappointed!

Chris Chang

Dr. Sailon is very skilled at injectables, and he takes the time to explain the options and answer all questions. I've been seeing him for 2 years now, and he continues to keep me looking young and natural, without appearing fake or frozen. I highly recommend him! I've sent a few friends his way and they could not be happier with their results.

Kelly Donahue

Not only is Dr. Eric Jablonka an excellent and extremely skilled surgeon with exceptional bedside manner, he is a caring and good person truly concerned about his patients! We are so lucky to have my brother Ron DiAmore under his care and guidance. Thank You Dr. Jablonka for helping Ronald!

James DiAmore

Dr. Sailon is amazing! I went in feeling so nervous and lost. He really took the time to talk to me and express whats the best option for me with so much knowledge! Made me feel so comfortable and most importantly love love love his work! I’m so so happy :)


Went to Dr. Jablonka for a breast reduction and loved the results. Him and his staff were always so great!

Jillian DeKlerk

Dr. Sailon has a great bed side manner and explains things throughly. He is very honest and answered all of the questions I had. The results of the injections I had done look great, I am very very happy.

Martha Casanova

Dr Eric Jablonka is the best very satisfied would strongly recommend Audrey Shaw she is alsome very caring takes her time and explains everything thats going on love her Dr Eric and Audrey are very professional and know what they doing would highly recommend this office.

Irene Davis

Overall excellent experience! Friendly, professional, and very competent. I went to Dr. Sailon to have a suspicious mole on my chest removed; I wanted to go to a plastic surgeon because of their expertise with skin… and because I was curious about getting botox for the first time. While he explained that it can take up to a year for a scar to fully heal, I am already very pleased with how it looks just a few weeks out. He also gave me a silicon cream that helps minimize the appearance of scars, which I am diligently applying! About the botox - I was on the fence about it for a while. But Dr. Sailon explained that it is completely preventive and can go totally unnoticed (in a good way). I am very, very happy with how naturally wrinkle-free my forehead and eyes look, and how fairly priced the procedure was. Will definitely be going back when it’s time for a touch up!

Jordi B

Dr Jablonka is an exceptional surgeon, took great care of my son!

lisa heim

when I was told by my Dermatologist that I was going to need to have cosmetic surgery. I was scare and worried. I had never thought that I would need to see a plastic surgeon. I contacted my insurance to find a Doctor that participate with my health insurance. They referred me to Dr. Ali Al-Attar, M.D. and he referred me to Dr. Alexander Sailon ,MD. From the moment I first met Doctor Sailon. I knew I had made the right choice. He was knowledgeable, professional and caring. He answered all my questions and made me feel secure and at ease with the decision I had made. I would definitely recommend Dr. Sailon. Thank you 😊


On february 12th 2020, i had a double mastectomy with reconstruction and a flap, Dr .Jablonka is an amazing surgeon.. He went above and beyond for me to make sure that i was satisfied with what was being done to me .. He kept me sain. I would literally recommend anyone to him no questions asked.. What he did for me was unbelievably incredible and honestly im completly satisfied with how everything turned out , after my surgery i had some complications , I had reached out to him after hours and he always responded quickly and helped me stay calm , and told me different things to try and do to make me feel comfortable .. We then decided to go back under the knive and do a reduction and some liposuction and the results from that were amazing!!!!!

Brianna Kohler

Additional Reading

Oh and lets not forget about his p.a Amanda .. Shes is absolutely amazing !! She kept me sain when i had to get a needle in my stomach and held my hand and helped me stay calm during every doctors appointments and both of my surgeries and even after just for my check ups . These two together make a perfect team!! If it wasnt for Dr Jablonka i wouldnt feel so happy with my self because before my surgery i was very insecure and i told him about it and what made me feel that way and he went out of his way to make me feel better with myself. He is just hands down and amazing doctor ! If you ever have any type of concerns or questions and your looking for a surgeon .. Hes the guy to go to! Thanks doc ! Your the best

Dr. Sailon is professional and an expert at what he does. The office (Woodbridge) and surgery center (Lake Ridge) are clean and well-kept. The staff is extremely helpful and on top of things. If I ever need anymore work done, I now know where to go.

Jamaica Peralta

Dr. Alexander Sailon IS a very Caring and Compassionate Doctor! He is Direct when speaking on the target injury and states what is to be perform to recovery the injury! He is very knowledgable when it comes to needs of Surgery! Already I have stated a Thank You! This time I really MEAN a state THANK YOU for recovering my out ward appearance on my face Due to a Facial Contusion - A Fall!!

Mee Jun

Dr. Sailon has far exceeded my expectations and has taken excellent care of me. He takes pride in his work, was patient and listened to everything I was concerned about and gave amazing advice. I couldn’t thank him enough!

lindsey eme

Referred from a colleague of Dr. Sailon to have a pilonidal cyst removed. Very easy going, knowledgeable, and considerate. Surgery went well and recovered quickly. Answered any questions I had and made sure I understood what was going on at all times. Parking was free at this McLean location, went here for a post-operation check-up.

Cody Cervenka

Alex is fantastic. He cares about his patients and will take the time with you to develop the best treatment approach. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great surgeon who will take the time to care and consult for your needs.

Carrie Brady

Amazing experience. Doctor is very knowledgeable, answered all our questions, made us feel less worried. The surgery went very well, doctor did an amazing work.

Magic Bird

Dr Sailon is all that a doctor should be, and more. His gentleness and surgical expertise is unsurpassed!

Sharon Langmaid

Office staff is always nice and courteous. Dr. Sailon always makes you feel comfortable and explains exactly what is to be expected. I love this office


I have been very pleased with Dr. Sailon's work in closing a mohs incision on my forehead. He has provided very helpful responses to all of my questions.

david berkowitz

Dr. Sailon is very professional & a GREAT human being.He cares his patients at the best possible level & his approach is top notch.

Amir Rehman

Dr. Sailon, was very helpful and understanding. He answered all of my questions prior to my procedure.

Tsveta Polhemus

Sutures after facial skin cancer removal. Incredibly personable and professional.

Meghan Byrne

Really great skilled doctor/surgeon also a really nice person!


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